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Digital Design: We love the Hamburger Icon


By Boyd Wason   20 Nov, 2014

We think the Hamburger icon is great and will soon become a standard digital design element in all digital navigation.  

It's also interesting to see something developed to help navigation in the mobile world has crossed over to the desktop.


How to solve the hamburger icon problem

By Paddi MacDonnell | UX Design | Jun 24, 2014

The hamburger icon—three little bars used to indicate a link to a menu—is one if the most controversial techniques in digital design right now. Designers, we are told, all hate it; customers, we tell everyone, hate it too. Why then, is it everywhere?

The hamburger icon is easily scaleable and it fits cleanly into a pixel grid. It was originally a list icon that has been press-ganged into its current role, but since a menu is simply a list of options, it’s semantically correct to use the list item in this way.

There’s been a huge amount of debate, A/B testing, blog rants, and user studies conducted on the subject, but these studies nearly always focus on app design. When the hamburger icon is used in web design it indicates a far more significant problem.

There are plenty of designers who question the value of the hamburger icon itself. It’s frequently seen as an iOS style icon even though it was used in this manner before Apple adopted it.

There is in fact a great deal of conflicting evidence as to whether the hamburger icon is useable as an indication of a menu. Some designers argue that the icon is easily recognized by a younger demographic, others suggest that an older demographic recognizes it if web-literate. The only conclusion that we can really draw from this evidence is that usability tests have proved inconclusive, with parallel tests often returning conflicting results.

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