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We have an amazing team who are passionate about business transformation. So when you come on board with us, expect things to happen.

From our first meetings, through to the delivery and ongoing support of your programme, you'll have a dedicated Transformation Partner by your side. Your Transformation Partner will provide strategic leadership, HubSpot technical skills, account management and project management services - ensuring all we offer here at Engaging Partners is available to your business through one point of contact.


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Partnering with your team

As we get to know each other, you'll see an incredibly strong partnership evolve between our teams. And that's what works. 

Successful partnerships are founded on mutual trust, respect and a genuine like for each other. With these ingredients - underpinned by hard work and talent - we can achieve anything.

About the founders

Boyd Wason
Super power: Business Strategy

Boyd Wason


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Sonia Slattery
Super power: Delivery

Sonia Slattery


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Client Service Team


Jindrich Fixa

HubSpot Engineer & Technical Specialist

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Strategic Thinking

Hugo Venter

Senior Transformation Partner

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Group 16

Conor Moynagh

Transformation Partner & Hubspot Specialist

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Group 17

Tomas Eyles

Account Executive

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David Fleming

David Fleming


Our Strategic Partners

Insight Online

Kim Voon & team


Andrew Sparrow & team
TriedandTrue Design

Andrew Sparrow and team

Brand design

James McCarthy

James McCarthy

App partner

In today's upside down-world we've found the model that works best for our clients (and us!) is one that is flexible to meet changing requirements and skill sets of our client projects. We have a wide network of highly experienced contractors who bring their superpowers to our work.
Here's a few of our regulars...

kevin kevin-ico
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kelsey kelsey-ico
seb seb-ico
ben kelsey-ico
ali seb-ico
Kate Kate-ico Copy
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