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Mastercraft Kitchens, a titan of kitchen design, redefines its online presence. The result? A platform that fully brought to life the legacy they have built in the physical world.

Mastercraft Kitchens, a titan in the kitchen industry, had a vision: to elevate their digital narrative and truly reflect their industry-leading capabilities. However, their existing website was a stumbling block, not fully capturing their essence or showcasing their vast offerings.

Recognising the challenge, they turned to Engaging Partners. Our shared goal was clear: to harness the power of the HubSpot CMS platform and craft a digital experience that was both immersive and informative. By incorporating a meticulously curated Kitchen Gallery and a detailed Licensee Directory, and by implementing intuitive search filters, the new website successfully showcased Mastercraft's unparalleled design and manufacturing expertise, while ensuring every visitor embarked on a seamless user journey.


The brief

Mastercraft Kitchens, with a growth goal, recognised a barrier: their digital platform. While they aimed to effortlessly convert leads and amplify their brand's resonance, their existing website was a silent detractor. It didn't fully showcase their vast services or shine a spotlight on their design and manufacturing capabilities. Feeling this disconnect and the weight of missed opportunities, they sought a guide.

Engaging Partners was entrusted with this mission: to craft a website that was not only modern and authentic but also a treasure trove of resources for Mastercraft Licensees, addressing the gaps and elevating their digital presence.


The challenge

Mastercraft Kitchens, a brand synonymous with design and manufacturing excellence, found themselves at a digital crossroads. Their online presence, while functional, was a mere shadow of the legacy they had built in the physical world.

The website, in its current state, was more of a digital brochure than a testament to their craftsmanship. It listed their offerings but didn't celebrate them, failing to capture the essence and passion behind each design and product. Instead of feeling welcomed and guided, visitors, whether potential clients or long-time associates, often felt overwhelmed, unable to quickly locate the information they sought.

In the age of instant information, the website's search function was rudimentary. Instead of guiding users to relevant content, it often led to broad results, diluting the user's purpose and intent. Mastercraft recognised that a well-integrated Kitchen Gallery could serve as a powerful tool, not just showcasing their work but telling stories of transformation. Similarly, the Licensee Directory had the potential to be more than a list—it could foster a sense of community, connecting professionals and clients alike.

Through these challenges came emerging opportunities that were our guiding light throughout the project

We saw the potential to transform their Kitchen Gallery into a storytelling platform. Each design, each kitchen, had a story of transformation, of dreams realised. By showcasing these stories, they could engage visitors on an emotional level, making the brand more relatable and memorable.

The Licensee Directory, if leveraged correctly, could become a hub for professionals and clients. It could facilitate connections, collaborations, and even mentorships, turning the website into a dynamic community rather than a static platform.

Beyond showcasing products, the website had the potential to become a knowledge hub. With expert articles, design trends, and user guides, they could position themselves as industry thought leaders, attracting a wider audience and increasing user engagement.


The solution

Understanding the depth of Mastercraft Kitchens' aspirations, Engaging Partners crafted a solution that was more than just a website overhaul. Using the robust capabilities of the HubSpot CMS platform, we developed a digital space that truly mirrored the essence of the Mastercraft brand and legacy.

At the heart of this transformation was the Kitchen Gallery. Positioned strategically on the homepage, it wasn't just a showcase but an invitation, drawing visitors into a world of exquisite kitchen designs. And with optimised images and videos, the gallery was not only visually stunning but also lightning-fast.

Recognising the diverse ways users interact with websites, we fine-tuned the layout for both desktop and mobile experiences. The introduction of a powerful search function, backed by HubDB tables, transformed the way users found content, making it feel personalised and intuitive. The consistency of the directory landing page and Licensee profile pages, also powered by HubDB, ensured that the brand's narrative remained cohesive throughout.

And, for those hungry for more insights and stories? We built a dedicated Blog section, a hub that brought together Featured Kitchens, industry news, expert advice, and more. This wasn't just a section; it was a library, a repository of knowledge. With easily accessible look books, downloadable content, and insightful videos, we ensured that every visitor left the site enriched and inspired.

The result

The transformation of Mastercraft Kitchens' website was more than just a visual upgrade—it was a strategic leap forward. With its refreshed design, the website now effectively highlighted the brand's exceptional offerings and design expertise.

The Kitchen Gallery became a focal point, drawing visitors into a visual narrative of Mastercraft's craftsmanship. This, combined with an enhanced search function and a well-organised directory, made navigating the site and finding relevant information a breeze for users.

Moreover, the Blog section emerged as a valuable resource hub, offering a mix of insights, news, and expert advice. This not only enriched the user experience but also created more opportunities for engagement and conversions.

The new website not only met but exceeded its goals, elevating Mastercraft Kitchens' brand presence and ensuring a seamless and enriching user journey.

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Matt Cannon

Head of Marketing,
MasterCraft Kitchens

“Engaging Partners developed a comprehensive solution by leveraging the HubSpot CMS platform. The website was redesigned to provide a modern and authentic representation of the Mastercraft brand. The Kitchen Gallery, strategically placed on the home page and main navigation, presented a visually captivating display of kitchen designs. The images and videos within the gallery were optimised for fast page performance.”

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