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Mastercraft Kitchens: Website Transformation

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Engaging Partners collaborated with Mastercraft Kitchens to revamp their website using the HubSpot CMS platform. The project aimed to enhance the brand's digital presence, improve user experience, and demonstrate the breadth of design and manufacturing capabilities. By incorporating a sophisticated Kitchen Gallery, a Licensee Directory, and implementing intuitive search filters, the new website successfully showcased Mastercraft's offerings while providing a seamless user journey.


The Brief

Mastercraft Kitchens wanted to convert leads seamlessly and increase brand awareness within the kitchen industry. The previous website lacked crucial information about the company's service offering and failed to highlight their design and manufacturing capabilities effectively. Engaging Partners was tasked with developing a modern and authentic website that would address these challenges and provide a resourceful content hub for Mastercraft Licensees.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create a website that effectively communicated Mastercraft Kitchens' offerings and fostered a positive user experience. The website needed to showcase the breadth of their design and manufacturing capabilities while ensuring ease of navigation and accessibility. The integration of a sophisticated Kitchen Gallery, a Licensee Directory, and a seamless search function were key components in meeting these challenges.

The Solution

Engaging Partners developed a comprehensive solution by leveraging the HubSpot CMS platform. The website was redesigned to provide a modern and authentic representation of the Mastercraft brand. The Kitchen Gallery, strategically placed on the home page and main navigation, presented a visually captivating display of kitchen designs. The images and videos within the gallery were optimised for fast page performance.

To enhance user experience, the layout and navigation of the website were meticulously optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. The implementation of a search function, powered by HubDB tables, allowed users to easily find specific content based on individual tags. The directory landing page and Licensee profile pages were also set up using HubDB, ensuring consistency and easy maintenance of content.

In addition, a dedicated Blog section was created to consolidate various content categories, including Featured Kitchens, News, Ask the Experts, and Blog posts. This centralised resource centre facilitated seamless content discovery for visitors. Resources such as lookbooks, downloadable content, and videos were made easily accessible, contributing to a valuable user experience.

The Result

The website redevelopment yielded significant results for Mastercraft Kitchens. The cleaner, modern, and more accessible website successfully showcased the brand's offerings and design capabilities. The Kitchen Gallery, in particular, served as a showcase for their work, captivating visitors with visually appealing content. The search function, directory landing page, and Licensee profile pages empowered users to find relevant information efficiently. The Blog section provided a centralised hub for valuable content, further enhancing engagement and conversion opportunities. Overall, the revamped website achieved the objectives of increasing brand awareness and delivering a seamless user experience.

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