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How to scale 
your business 
with Ops Hub

Your business experiencing growing pains? Tech stack out of control? Inaccurate customer data? If you’re experiencing any of these problems then this page is for you!
HubSpot has recently launched a new Hub within their CRM platform: 'Operations Hub' (Ops Hub). Ops Hub gives you a unified toolset that connects apps, cleans customer data, and automates business processes under one central platform. Below we describe why it's important to adjust your tech stack and processes as you scale, and what advantages this new Hub provides for businesses using (or planning to use) HubSpot Marketing, Sales or Service Hubs.
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What is operational automation?

As your business grows, you'll inevitably run into issues of scale. Suddenly, systems that worked before for a small team, start cracking under the demands of a larger team, more customers and more work.

There are three common challenges that most businesses experience as they scale:

  1. Customer data starts to get messy and spread across different systems, lacking a central 'source of truth'
  2. People start doing their own thing to get their job done, so there's no consistency with processes, no quality control and lots of risk when people move on
  3. There's a proliferation of tech solutions that may be pieced together with APIs, or not pieced together at all

So it's important to find tools that tackle these issues head-on as you grow. If you're already on HubSpot Marketing, Sales or Service - you're halfway there. Now with Ops Hub, there's even more glue and flexibility for your business to adapt to growth.

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What does Ops Hub do?

HubSpot’s new Operations Hub provides more glue between Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and the rest of your business. Ops Hub gives you a unified toolset that connects apps, cleans customer data, and automates business processes under one central platform:

  • Data Quality Automation: Time-consuming data-cleaning is now a thing of the past. Ops Hub allows you to automatically fix data formatting issues, correct date properties, and more.
  • Workflows: By setting up workflows within HubSpot you gain the ability to automatically trigger actions within integrated apps such as sending a Slack message, sending a Zoom invite, or updating a task in Asana.
  • Custom Automations: Utilise the opportunity to code custom automation for any business process—such as lead rotation, updating contact details, creating reports, fulfilling renewals and subscriptions, just to name a few.

Ops Hub provides added features over and above Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub that focus on 'cleaning' up complex legacy data, streamlining integrations, and providing flexibility for your team to do more customised things with HubSpot.

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Who is Ops Hub for?

Ops Hub is designed for established businesses experiencing growth, who are either already on HubSpot, or are planning to move to HubSpot to take advantage of systems automation - be that Marketing, Sales or Customer Service.

To get the full advantages of Ops Hub, your team will be using (or planning to use) HubSpot as one of your core business systems. The advanced features of Ops Hub will allow you to streamline your tech stack and processes to support your growth, making your team's jobs easier, and delighting your customers with a slick customer experience.

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