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The secret sauce to sales and marketing alignment.


Sales enablement why

A sales person’s ability to close leads is only as good as the leads that come through. And if those leads aren’t interested in what’s being sold, well, then even the savviest salesperson will struggle to convert. That’s why sales so often complain about marketing’s efforts not aligning with reality and that they don’t have the right content to convince leads to buy.

Luckily this problem is relatively easy to fix. With the help of a solid sales enablement strategy, you can align your marketing and sales departments, boost productivity and start getting the results you want from your sales team.

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Sales enablement how

Sales enablement services

Our growth partners are trained in all aspects of sales, many with experience in sales roles (life before Engaging Partners). They will work with your team to understand your teams' pain points and identify 'blockers' in your marketing and sales processes that are hindering your sales performance.

Depending on your needs your sales enablement programme could require some or all of the following services:

  • Sales and marketing strategy alignment
  • Customer journey mapping
  • CRM audits and migrations
  • Sales process mapping
  • Sales process automation
  • Lead generation
  • HubSpot Sales Hub configuration

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