We're bringing you the latest in leadership from INBOUND 2022 and insights from some of the world's greatest minds.

In case you didn't know, INBOUND is an annual HubSpot event that unites thought leaders from over 161 countries across marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations. This year, three of Engaging Partners' leaders are jet-setting to Boston for an astonishing line-up of speakers and topics. They'll connect with some of the world's most influential speakers and explore new perspectives from thousands of business leaders. Excited is an understatement!

So whether it's opinions from world-renowned business professionals or advice from former President Obama, on their return they're going to unpack their key learnings with you in this special episode. Tune in on the 20th September from 12pm - 1pm. 

A few things we'll cover...

Leadership learnings

What does the face of leadership look like in 2022? How do community and culture work to pave career paths? And how do we, as a collective, build paths for one another and the generations to come? We'll learn the answers to these questions from Barack Obama.

Technology trends

Technology is constantly evolving, but what trends are at the forefront right now? How is AI transforming the world of marketing? How can you supercharge your CX with data-driven insights? We'll find out the latest technology trends that'll elevate your marketing strategies.

Forward thinking

From your purpose, to your workplace, to your CRM, every business move should be made with your future in mind. As the world of marketing and tech continues to evolve, planning with the future in mind helps you build a mindset centred on growth.


Meet our speakers!


Boyd Wason

CEO and Founding Partner at Engaging Partners

Webinar Host 

Boyd is a pioneer of digital marketing with a passion for helping businesses realise the true potential of digital channels and technologies to achieve hard objectives – produce leads and create sales.

Through his career he's created breakthrough strategies for a range of clients, including Heinz Wattie's, Holden, James Hardie and Air New Zealand - winning numerous awards along the way.

Because of his depth of experience across the marketing industry, Boyd is a highly sought after speaker and marketer.


Hugo Venter

Senior Transformation Partner at Engaging Partners

Webinar Guest 

Hugo leads the client service function at Engaging Partners and has worked on complex CRM and CMS projects for organisations such as the World Bank Group, NZ Marketing Association and Asmuss Group.

He has overseen eCommerce deployment in businesses of varying scale and has worked with Shopify in support of their largest merchants on the Shopify Plus platform.

His superpower is finding (or making) ways for organisations to navigate complex problems.



Jindrich Fixa

Technical Lead at Engaging Partners

Webinar Guest 

Jindrich is a leader in technical project management, systems management, digital marketing and data analytics. 

He is exceptionally skilled in translating technical concepts into operational realities and successfully leads high-profile projects with significant complexities. 

Possessing a deep understanding of data and analytics, Jindrich strives to stay at the cutting edge of emerging technologies and implement industry best practice.

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