Taking it to the world



“Intelligent solution for an intelligent business.”

Take FRAMECAD to the world with a leading digital presence that allows the business to promote its full range of services and products, generate and manage leads and streamline international customer service.

This project was a catalyst for change within the business so the key challenge was working with all stakeholders to articulate and agree the new direction. This project was much more than a website – we needed to develop a digital solution that would be the face of FRAMECAD for diverse audiences around the world.

The new FRAMECAD website was launched in early 2014 the result of months of planning and carefully phased development involving several design and development parties. The website was designed for future ecommerce; a 3D intro sequence was commissioned and developed to communicate the core business messages; content can be displayed in multiple languages; the site is optimised for multiple devices; CRM is integrated for intelligent lead management; and tailored user journeys were designed for customers…all this provided from one central CMS, without incurring significant overheads with licensing, hosting and development and without losing the SEO love the business had previously built up through their legacy websites.

The new digital platform is now delivering 40% more visitors, providing engaging user experiences and delivering quality leads (up to 50% increase on previous website) for the business. The site is also delivering on the customer service objectives – customers are more satisfied with their service and now need to email their sales reps less. The solution has delivered on all objectives, and continues to perform for the business.


  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Typography
  • Web Development