Disrupting the Dairy Digital Frontier

Synlait Milk, a frontrunner in sustainable dairy products, boldly reimagines its consumer interaction with the Swappa Bottle initiative. The outcome? A digital platform that not only encapsulates their commitment to the planet but also revolutionizes the way consumers engage with sustainability. 


Synlait Milk Limited is a 21st-century, milk nutrition company known for its disruptive, innovative spirit and resolute determination to do the right thing for the people and planet. Synlait approached Engaging Partners in October 2021 looking for a strategic partner to develop an innovative consumer platform for their first direct-to-consumer product - The Synlait Swappa Bottle.

After developing personas and buyer journeys, Engaging Partners built a website on HubSpot CMS to create a powerful identity for Swappa Bottle that would allow a stronger connection between the product and the audience. To further the credibility and social currency of the Synlait Swappa Bottle we also integrated QR code functionality that allows consumers to be fully involved in the reusability journey of their Synlait Swappa Bottle from purchase to return, clean, and refill.

The brief

Synlait set out to disrupt the low consideration, repeat purchase category that milk falls into. With no existing B2C software or capability, Synlait required a proposition and platform that would allow them to properly interact with consumers and a full-spectrum CRM to establish brand autonomy.


The challenge

The core value proposition of Synlait Swappa Bottle is centered on the sustainability and reusability promises of the product. While Synlait had a solid vision of what they wanted to achieve, they had no way of connecting with their target audience and potential customers. They lacked a platform that would enable consumers to interact with the product and join the sustainability journey it promotes. A solid CRM and CMS foundation would be required to achieve their goals.


The solution

Engaging Partners developed a modern and interactive website with a clear focus on the customer journey. To promote participation in the sustainability journey of Synlait Swappa Bottle we integrated QR code technology into the website, allowing consumers to scan a unique QR code on the base of their Synlait Swappa Bottle that returns details about that particular bottle’s journey, including the number of use cycles it’s been through. Behind the scenes this QR code scan also interfaced directly with Synlait’s quality assurance framework, allowing them to deliver on their promise of a better milk product.
With the future aim of demonstrating scale, we integrated a dynamic map element into the website where visitors can find their closest local stockist of the Synlait Swappa Bottle.

The result

From the onset of the project, we were excited to help Synlait promote its sustainability story by involving consumers through a simple supermarket purchase. Using the power of HubSpot CRM and CMS we have empowered their marketing team to not only continue building awareness of the Synlait Swappa Bottle product but also start forming a data-driven view of who their customers are. These enhancements will help secure the expansion of Synlait Swappa Bottle beyond the pilot phase and into the larger New Zealand market.

Lachie Davidson_Profile Picture

Lachie Davidson

Brand Manager,
Synlait Milk Limited

With no existing B2C software or capability we needed a full spectrum CRM that would give us autonomy in understanding and interacting with our consumers; while also allowing us to capture and dissect the rich data provided to us by our consumers.

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