A Century of Legacy Meets Digital Brilliance

Asmuss Group, a leader in steel and flow control solutions, embarks on a centennial digital transformation. The result? A visionary digital platform that not only honors their lasting legacy but also propels their industry leadership into the digital age, unifying their diverse services under one digital roof.


In their 100th year, Asmuss Group recognised the need to transform their digital marketing presence to modernise the brand and to better serve their customers. They turned to Engaging Partners to help, and deliver the first project in a series of projects on HubSpot CMS, Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs.


The challenge

The Asmuss Group faced a multifaceted challenge as it approached its 100th anniversary. First, there was the complex task of merging four distinct entities, each with its own website and brand identity, into a single, harmonized brand. This amalgamation needed to be seamless, ensuring that the rich heritage and unique strengths of each company were preserved while creating a unified brand image. Additionally, the group had to address the issue of a fragmented digital presence. Their existing online platforms were not equipped to provide the streamlined, efficient customer experience that modern users expect. The challenge extended to reimagining their digital strategy to not only enhance user engagement but also to present Asmuss as a forward-thinking leader in a competitive industry. This required a delicate balance of honoring a century of legacy and innovation while embracing the possibilities of modern digital marketing and customer relationship management.


The solution

Engaging Partners approached this complex challenge with a phased strategy, breaking down the project into manageable 3-4 month segments. This step-by-step process allowed for continuous achievement and visible progress, both internally and for Asmuss's clients. 

The first step was to create a unified digital platform that seamlessly integrated the identities and strengths of the four merging companies. This involved developing a new, cohesive website that would serve as the central hub for the Asmuss brand, ensuring it was reflective of their century-long legacy while being forward-looking in design and functionality.

The website redevelopment focused on user experience, making it intuitive for customers to navigate and find products, thereby streamlining the customer journey. To further enhance customer interaction, the site was integrated with a full-spectrum CRM system, leveraging the capabilities of HubSpot CMS, Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs. This integration was key to managing customer relationships more effectively and providing a more personalised service.

The result

The unveiling of the new Asmuss Group website at their 100th Year Anniversary celebrations marked a significant milestone in their digital journey. This launch was just the beginning, with subsequent phases of the website rollout continuing to enhance and expand the platform's capabilities. The transformation achieved through this project went beyond a mere digital facelift; it revolutionized how Asmuss Group serviced its customers, bringing a new level of efficiency and engagement to their customer interactions.

The phased approach adopted for the website development allowed for ongoing improvements and the integration of feedback, ensuring that the platform remained dynamic and responsive to user needs. Additionally, the project laid a strong foundation for the next stages of digitalization across the business. With the successful implementation of HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs, Asmuss Group is now well-equipped to take their digital operations to new heights, promising a future where their customer relationships and digital marketing strategies are more streamlined, data-driven, and effective than ever before.

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Rafaela Mendes

Marketing Manager,
Asmuss Group

Engaging Partners has exceeded expectations and I am such an advocate. We were stunned with how fast we could get to where we are today - and the fact we didn’t have to constantly tweak and change things that they presented to us is exemplary of the quality of work they provide and their ability to understand a client's needs. Engaging Partners delivered exactly what we wanted, and more.

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