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The Inspire Group: Website Transformation


Work / services

  • HubSpot Website Design
  • Training and Development
  • Website Migration
  • Lead Generation
  • Global Rebrand

Project brief

As The Inspire Group began to spread their roots globally, they needed to upgrade their online identity to something more complimentary of their international prowess. We put forth the idea to update their website and URLs, improve their SEO, and create a visual brand identity that would drive and support the international growth of their business. 

The Inspire Group designs, develops, and delivers customised blended learning solutions that are practical, fit for purpose, and promote life-long learning. Partnering with clients across various industries, organisations, and initiatives, The Inspire Group aims to deliver award-winning learning experiences that are the perfect balance of creative, technology-led, and practical approaches. ​To help expand their identity globally, The Inspire Group needed a complete revamp of their website, assistance, and training to hand over full autonomy of the HubSpot CMS. 

To begin, we analysed the various ways that The Inspire Groups identity could be enhanced. We identified that combining the singular Asian, Australian, and New Zealand websites into one global website would create the most significant impact to strengthen their brand. Although The Inspire Group was already using the HubSpot CMS, they were using code scraped from WordPress and weren't making the most out of tools. We gifted The Inspire Group creative flexibility and freedom to update their website internally by migrating it to HubSpot and creating unique templates.

The Engaging Partners team created distinctive designs that encapsulated The Inspire Groups new brand guidelines and designed templates for their marketing team to use. Expressing these throughout the website enhanced their brand's position to help potential clients view The Inspire Group as creative experts. Furthermore, to ensure regional relevance for our audiences across Asia, Australia and NZ, we implemented smart rules on their website, so visitors' IP addresses will impact what website version they see. But most importantly, The Inspire Group left our engagement with confidence to harness the full potential of HubSpot.

"Engaging Partners have in-depth knowledge of the potential of the HubSpot platform, so could help us understand what we could achieve with the CMS. They provided thorough consultation and advice on SEO that was clear and easy for us to follow and implement. Their visual design is excellent; They took our brand guidelines and designed a website that was beautiful, functional, and aligned with the brand image we wanted to create within this space."

Dr Frances Pitsilis / Owner/ Director
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