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World Solar: Inbound Marketing & Website

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Work / services

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • HubSpot CMS / Website migration
  • Marketing Automation

Project brief.

With competition heating up in the solar industry, World Solar sought the services of sales partner, Leading Edge and Inbound Marketing agency, Engaging Partners, to take their marketing to the next level. With a range of audiences to educate on the benefits of solar, the team embarked on an Inbound Marketing journey and website migration to HubSpot CMS.

Working with the client team, Engaging Partners developed a persona-led Inbound Marketing programme comprising an ‘always on’ calendar of content production, including pillar content, blog articles, social, and a range of premium content and interactive tools for lead generation purposes.

The programme is delivering outstanding results for World Solar, both in terms of the volume and quality of leads. The sales team are ecstatic and have embraced Inbound Marketing as the new way of driving leads for the business.

The programme continues to roll out with always-on and persona-specific premium content delivering a steady stream of leads and sales conversions for the business.

I’ve had 3 leads this week who have used the new content assets (eBook and savings calculator) and have all come back as very keen potential buyers! This is fantastic and goes to show hard work does pay off! I’m loving the new website and the new HubSpot leads are blowing MySolar leads out of the water with lead generation! This is great for World Solar and us BDMs!! Thanks so much…

Alissa Sutherland / Business Development Manager, World Solar
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