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Air New Zealand: Experiential Inbound Marketing


Work / services

  • Customer Experience Systems Consulting
  • Website development
  • Integrations
  • Content

Project brief.

Create an interactive event finder to connect Air New Zealand customers with ancillary services.

This was a blue-sky project to reinvent the customer experience when in the discovery, planning and booking phases of going on holiday.

We launched a 12 month social media & search optimisation campaign for Air New Zealand Rental Cars that tracked the journeys of two free rental cars – one named Jeffree and other named Freeona. Customers were given the free car on the basis that they snapped pics from the road on the in-car Android phone which was loaded with a purpose built travel app (designed and developed by us) that posted content to Facebook, Google Maps and to the Freeway website.


We engaged [Engaging Partners] to 'blue sky' customer engagement concepts and out of this work came the concept for the Fantastic Freeway campaign. We simply couldn't 'not' do it. They understood our customer. They understood our brand. And they worked out how to get the technology set up and integrated to create both an online and offline experience of our brand. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Lewis Billinghurst / Ancillary Revenue Team
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