Introducing CommercePro for HubSpot

Boyd Wason

16 May 02023


HubSpot's deprecation of API keys in favour of private apps prompted Engaging Partners to simplify and innovate one of our membership clients' tech stacks. This, coupled with eCommerce work underway on other client projects, led us to develop a HubSpot-first payment solution to replace a complex, but typical, WooCommerce/Wordpress commerce configuration.


Introducing CommercePro for HubSpot, a seamless integration of HubSpot, Stripe, and Xero (or your chosen finance platform) that enables full eCommerce functionality without the need for a 3rd party platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify. With CommercePro, all functions, from products to memberships, discount codes, and cart reports, run directly on HubSpot through the use of standard and custom objects.

A closer look at CommercePro

This innovative solution is designed to simplify the eCommerce experience for organisations and their members. With CommercePro, managing products, pricing, and payments is seamless, and organisations can easily track revenue and inventory. Plus, since CommercePro is built on the HubSpot platform, it integrates seamlessly with other HubSpot features, such as marketing automation and member management.

At Engaging Partners, we understand the importance of providing organisations with powerful, easy-to-use eCommerce solutions. That's why we developed CommercePro for HubSpot, a cutting-edge solution that simplifies the entire eCommerce experience. Whether you're managing products, pricing, or payments, CommercePro makes it easy to streamline your eCommerce operations and focus on what matters most: growing your organisation.

Your next innovative solution

In conclusion, CommercePro for HubSpot is an innovative solution that simplifies the eCommerce experience for organisations and their members. With full eCommerce functionality running directly on HubSpot, organisations can easily manage products, pricing, and payments while tracking revenue and inventory.

At Engaging Partners, we're committed to providing powerful, easy-to-use eCommerce solutions, and CommercePro for HubSpot is our latest offering to help organisations grow and thrive.

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