Over the past few years, businesses have undergone an incredible amount of change, and this isn't likely to stop in 2023.

Businesses have had to deal with huge challenges, including the aftereffects of the global pandemic, economic challenges, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and constant technological advances. In a time when unprecedented events seem to be shaking up businesses' operations, it's crucial to have a solid foundation that can withstand and embrace change. 

We're calling on Logan Wedgwood, Business Strategist and Managing Director of Advisory.Works, to share the tools and techniques you should be using to help your business stand strong - regardless of what 2023 has to throw at you. The webinar streamed live on Tuesday the 8th of November, 12pm - 1pm. 

A few things we covered...

Current trends

What are the main issues businesses are facing at the moment, and what movements can we identify within these challenges?                                                                                                                                                                        


Technology is constantly evolving, but with this evolvement comes exciting developments that can help your business excel. 


The way we work has radically changed over the past few years. We share tips that'll help your business stand strong against this change. 

Meet our speakers!








Boyd Wason

CEO and Founding Partner at Engaging Partners

Webinar Host 

Boyd is a pioneer of digital marketing with a passion for helping businesses realise the true potential of digital channels and technologies to achieve hard objectives – produce leads and create sales.

Through his career he's created breakthrough strategies for a range of clients, including Heinz Wattie's, Holden, James Hardie and Air New Zealand - winning numerous awards along the way.

Because of his depth of experience across the marketing industry, Boyd is a highly sought after speaker and marketer.








Logan Wedgwood

Managing Director and Strategic Advisor at Advisory.Works

Guest Speaker

‘Listen to understand, not to respond’ doesn’t sound like your typical business advice, but it’s one of the core tenets that Logan lives by.

Logan’s exceptional ability to understand and read people means that he’s not only rated highly as a facilitator, but he’s also thrived in a number of leading sales roles and has had a measurable impact as a consultant growing clients’ businesses.

Logan believes businesses can do better, and he exists to drive positive change in every company he works with.

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