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Chorus: Content Marketing


Work / services

  • Persona development for B2C and B2C personas
  • B2C content strategy
  • B2B content strategy
  • Blogging
  • Video content
  • Solution design for B2B website content
  • Copywriting

Project brief

Chorus approached us to provide strategic direction to their established programme of B2C content production. We were then asked to develop a new B2B content strategy to help the business launch a new product offering to SME businesses.

Chorus has a unique position in the broadband ecosystem as a network operator and wholesale service provider to the industry, yet does not actually sell broadband plans or products to consumers. Therefore the organisation sees itself as an independent provider of information to ensure consumers are educated about their broadband options, so all New Zealanders have the opportunity to get the best Internet possible.

With numerous audiences and channels  to consider, it was becoming difficult for the marketing team to co-ordinate content and provide consistent messaging across the organisation. In 2018 we were invited to present a new content strategy for the business that aligned the consumer teams around shared personas. This led to the acceptance of an annual calendar of content to supplement other ATL and brand activity.  Within weeks we were able to measure and demonstrate a significant uptake in the persona-focused content including weekly blogs and a video series we developed for social engagement (in collaboration with an existing supplier). The quality of our work led to us being introduced to the SME team where we were invited to develop a new content strategy to support the launch of new products and services for SME business owners. We provided the strategic thinking, wireframes and copy for new website pages and once again we were engaged to produce a regular cadence of persona-focused blogs to deliver helpful content to SME business owners.

Engaging Partners has provided strategic guidance and content production services for both our Consumer and SME marketing segments. The industry we operate in is complex and the writers and content producers were able to quickly grasp messaging that hits the mark with our personas. The Engaging Partners team is proactive in their strategic support and their thinking is backed by a 'content machine' which complemented our resources well and allowed us to deliver content to an exceptionally high standard.

Luke Henshall / Communications Manager, Chorus
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