Why Your Business Needs a Commerce-Powered CRM Now More Than Ever

Boyd Wason

06 September 02023

The world has changed. Have you?

The digital era is revolutionizing business operations at a rapid pace. Astonishingly, approximately 70% of businesses worldwide are still clinging to the outdated practise of using paper cheques for transactions.

Today’s B2B buyers are no longer satisfied with outdated transaction methods. They’re seeking the speed, convenience, and personalisations they’ve grown accustomed to in B2C experiences. If your business is still toggling between multiple platforms for managing commerce, it’s not just a question of inefficiency - you’re on the fast track to becoming obsolete.

The real cost of failing to adapt 

When clients are met with complex financial processes, not only does their trust diminish, but their loyalty is also jeopardized. A smooth, intuitive financial interaction is not just a convenience—it's an expectation in today's digital age. Failing to meet this can drive clients towards competitors who prioritize and deliver efficient service.

But the consequences go beyond client relationships. Lacking an integrated financial system comprises the richness and accuracy of your data. You’ve invested in an ERP, a CRM and an accounting system, but are they all synched?  Is there a single source of truth?  If not, operating with fragmented information spread across various platforms isn't merely an operational challenge; it's a barrier to strategic growth. Without a clear, unified view of your financial landscape, opportunities for optimization, innovation, and agility might be missed.

In the current volatile economic climate, every strategic decision—or lack thereof—carries significant weight. Stagnation is not a passive state; it's a regression, especially when the competition and market continue to evolve. But with the right tools and a proactive approach, there's every opportunity to not only keep pace but to set the pace in your industry.

Commerce Powered CRM

So what's the answer to these modern challenges? A Commerce Powered CRM.

Cost Efficiency and Control

Centralizing data, from client communications to transactional histories, means a more efficient and cost-effective operational framework. Eliminate the redundancies of juggling multiple tools; every piece of data is housed in a singular hub, facilitating enhanced fiscal monitoring and budgetary control.

Revenue Operations

Businesses have reported significant improvements in revenue operations upon adopting a commerce-powered CRM. It's the integrated solution that brings all your tools under one umbrella, enhancing your go-to-market strategies.

Strategic Financial Insight

Beyond a mere overview, a commerce-powered CRM furnishes a comprehensive financial panorama, simplifying projections, and facilitating accurate forecasting. With streamlined data workflows, you're not only saving time but also refining the precision of your financial predictions.

Aligning with Stakeholder Expectations

Today's stakeholders demand transparency, promptness, and a consumer-centric experience. By leveraging a commerce-powered CRM, you're not just meeting these expectations—you're setting new benchmarks for stakeholder satisfaction, enhancing trust and fostering long-term financial partnerships.

Final Thoughts

The business landscape is unforgiving to those who resist change. In a digital world where stakeholder and customer demands are rapidly evolving, it's no longer enough to simply maintain the status quo. With so much at stake, the question isn't whether you can afford to invest in a Commerce Powered CRM—it's whether you can afford not to.

So don't find yourself wondering what could have been. Take action today, request a free Commerce Pro demo, and lead your business into a future of unprecedented growth and success. . 

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