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How to Write Calls-To-Action (CTAs) that Work

How to write CTAs that work

Your web presence is strong, your traffic is consistent, but your leads still aren't converting. What’s going wrong?

Although it's compelling to spend days on end analysing every facet of your marketing strategy to find the missing link, the answer is probably simpler than you think – your calls to action.

Simply put, if your prospective customers don't know what you want from them, they won't be motivated to act. When your CTAs are weak, site users are likely to move on without engaging, leaving the time and energy you poured into your digital marketing strategies all for naught. 

Be Clear and Concise

Site visitors are usually moving quickly – so quick that the average visitor spends a mere 15 seconds or less on your page before moving on to something new. If your CTAs are overly complicated, visitors won’t take the time to respond. Witticisms can be highly effective in content marketing, but CTAs should be clear and easily understood at a moment's glance.

Make It Obvious

When you have a lot of great content, you may think calls to action aren't a priority. But the reality is, while stand out content might get people to your page, they still won’t engage if they don’t have a clear understanding of how to do so. Instead of hiding CTAs at the bottom or the side of the screen, make it obvious. Use different colours, fonts or graphics in a way that draws the eye toward a clickable, actionable CTA.

Take Advantage of Landing Pages

A quick glance at a visible CTA may be effective for smaller offers, but larger promotions like an eBook or white-paper may need a little more. Instead of bogging down your CTA with too much information, make use of a strong landing page to guide readers in. Once you catch a reader's eye with clear language that creates a sense of urgency, you can add more value to your promotion.

Mind Your Manners

Have an ecommerce website or a common form site users fill out? Saying thank you can be a great way to convert additional leads or nurture prospects into loyal fans. When current or prospective customers make purchases, sign up for promotions, or fill out web forms, don't stop there. Use the thank you page as a way to advertise additional opportunities, like a free eBook download after an initial purchase or a free demo after an email sign up, through the use of targeted CTAs.

If you're not putting energy into calls to action, you may be missing out. A few simple tweaks can change your entire strategy for the better, converting more leads with better results. Our exclusive eBook, "How to: Double your lead generation in 30 days", can give you the insider scoop you need, helping you write the best possible CTAs, no matter what you're trying to accomplish.

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