Tailored to Target

Tailored to target


“Flexibility to customise and create highly targeted, beautiful digital assets.”

Develop a second platform that allows the business to target very specific audiences with very specific and varying messages as needed over time. For example, consumers seeking design inspiration; consumers seeking craftsmanship; stakeholders wanting reassurance around sustainability.

The product website platform we developed for Brickworks provided a functional solution that served very broad requirements and audiences. For this new brief, we needed to find a way to deliver powerful messages and target specific audiences. The solution needed to allow us to customise each experience, be more design focused and yet still be easy to manage for the business and optimised for modern devices.

Each solution was designed and customised to a specific brief and but hosted and managed centrally. For these solution the technology varies depending on the demands of the brief. DesignPlace was created as the central place for design inspiration (showcasing products from across the Brickworks brands); Daniel Robertson was developed as a brand microsite, to retain the brand heritage and communicate the hand-crafted beauty of the product; Build For Living was developed to communicate Brickworks sustainability messages.

The business has the flexibility to design and build microsites to meet specific needs of specific parts of the business, without losing control. As each site is hosted and managed centrally, there is security and quality control, but each experience is unique. Today we continue to evaluate projects and bring new sites on to the platform depending on audience / messaging requirements.


  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Typography
  • Web Development