Digital Powerhouse

Austral Bricks


Consolidate multiple disparate websites, technologies and hosting providers onto one centralised platform to achieve economies of scale and efficient day-to-day content management, without compromising on design and user experience, set up all the sites for future ecommerce – and ensure all sites perform optimially on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The ecommerce solution had to match the existing but varied business rules for a diverse range of products, for different States and regions. This had to be developed on one platform, so that content could be managed across sites and States by non-technical users. We also needed to design a set of templates that could be leveraged across multiple sites, but provide flexibility for each State and brand. And, in doing this, we needed to ensure SEO love from predecessor sites is not lost in the transition.

Over a period of 18 months we developed and transitioned 4 major brands to the new platform, including fully-fledged ecommerce for the master brand, Austral Bricks. The platform was built on Kentico CMS and all sites share approx. 80% of the same design and functionality. Each site serves up to 7 different States, each of which is essentially its own website – a major undertaking achieved in an incredible period of time. The sites were transitioned without losing any of the SEO love the legacy sites had built up. Today we provide day-to-day support for this platform, assisting the client with content updates, technical support and minor enhancements.

The business has achieved its goal and today has a finely tuned centralised digital asset that can be managed by one or many content administrators. All sites have been developed with ecommerce in mind, so when each business unit is ready, the business can scale to full ecommerce with limited additional capital investment. As we are retained to support the platform, the quality and performance of the platform is maintained to a constant high standard. The sites continue to out-perform the legacy platform in Search, generating increasing sales and enquiries.