Project brief

In this first phase of our engagement with Pinnacle Midlands Health, the brief was to set up the practise support team and marketing team with the tools they needed to streamline their day-to-day processes and communications.


Work / services

  • HubSpot Sales Hub implementation
    HubSpot CRM configuration
  • Sales enablement - process refinement workshops
  • Quick win sales tools - templates, snippets, outlook integration, meetings
  • Sales Hub training
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation
  • Marketing email comms templates
  • Marketing Hub training

By Sonia Slattery

This project was the first phase of work to transform the digital sales, CRM and marketing processes for one of New Zealand’s largest medical providers, Pinnacle Midlands Health.

The practice support team manages relationships with 87 medical practices spread across the central north island. But the organisation was struggling with legacy systems and processes that were inefficient and making the job of the mobile team difficult. The old CRM was hard to use, so people naturally created their own processes and methods of collecting data. 

New CEO, Helen Parker, was quick to address the issues. “The lack of a good CRM and shared processes was not only holding us back, but was an area of risk that needed to be resolved quickly.” says Helen. “We needed help selecting and implementing not only the right technology, but to create new processes that everyone would use.”

Engaging Partners recommended and implemented HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs to provide the ‘single source of truth’ and automation tools that the organisation desperately needed. We ran a series of meetings with the practice support team to workshop and create new processes that map to the new CRM configuration. To ensure the team embraced the new technology and systems, we implemented ‘quick wins’ so people could start using the platform immediately - using templates and snippets, connecting their outlook inbox to HubSpot so they can use the log and track feature; setting the team up with the meetings tool to book practice appointments automatically etc.

Implementing new technology and systems for a team who have been used to doing things their own way for a long time is never going to be easy. The team at Engaging Partners have held our hand through this process and worked closely with all our team members to bring them along on the journey. The speed at which we’ve been able to get up and running with this first phase has been great, and I’m looking forward to continuing the roll out of our next phases.

Helen Parker / CEO

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