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Five Laws of Digital Design Effectiveness


By Boyd Wason   23 Oct, 2014

Came across this great guide to developing a more effective approach to design - the Five Laws of Digital Design Effectiveness.  

Proud to say our briefing process conforms to all the laws, and this is a nice way to introduce our design process to new clients.

Five Laws of Digital Design Effectiveness 

By Jim Richardson | May 2014

Law 1. Know your brief

If you don’t have clear business objectives at the start of a project then you’ll miss the opportunity to give the designer the guidance they need to deliver a successful project.

Law 2. Build to measure

It is important when setting your brief that you not only have clear business objectives, but know how you will measure the effectiveness of any design project.

Law 3. Don’t just focus on history

Design effectiveness isn’t just about using data to assess the results after the event, it is about shaping your activities based on hard facts.

Law 4. Find the right partner

Design effectiveness is about using creativity to help you to achieve your business objectives, not an opportunity for your designer to make a statement about their personal aesthetic.

Law 5. Become a data geek

If you are spending money on design then you need to understand the benefit that this is delivering for your organisation.

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